Free WordPress Theme - Lay Theme Free

This is a free WordPress Theme. It is specialized for portfolio websites but you can use it for any website.

Read this tutorial on how to create a free Website with Lay Theme.

This Theme has a small button:

You can purchase Lay Theme later to remove that button.

Don't remove the button manually because we will find out. 😽

The free version does not include extra features and Addons. But it is compatible with all Addons. You can buy one additionally and use it.

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Lay Theme Free
  • Free to use
  • Does not include Addons
  • Does not include Extra Features
  • Free Updates

Websites made with Lay Theme

Please note some of these websites use features that are not included in the free version.

Yoga Retrat Website
Lay Theme

Event Space Website
Lay Theme

Model Agency Website
Lay Theme

Musician Website
Lay Theme

Gallery Website
Lay Theme

Painter Website
Lay Theme
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Questions & Answers

Is there a Tutorial for this?

Why a free version?

There is a "Created with" button on free websites. So that is free advertisement for us. Also you can try it out and decide to purchase it later.

What if I purchase Lay Theme later?
Do I need to redo my website?

No you just need to enter your license key, that's it!

How do I install Lay Theme?

After you got the free version you will receive a download link.

To install Lay Theme you need your own webspace that runs WordPress. Please head to Installation to find out more.

Does the free Version have less features?

Yes it doesn't contain extra features but those are not essential to building a website. And it doesn't include Addons. So for example there is no carousel/slideshow included.

Will the free version be available forever?

Let's see if this ruins my business.

What happens if I remove the "Created with" button myself?

Lots of lawyers.

I have another question.

You can find answers in the Documentation or in the Forum. If you have a different question, found a bug or have an idea for Lay Theme let me know in the Forum.