Show images, texts or project thumbnails in a slideshow. Choose from three different carousel styles: “Sliding (swipeable)”, “Fade” or “No Transition”.

Features stylable captions and numbers like “1/4” or circles as navigation, autoplay, random order and more.

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Image Hover

Show an Image when you hover over a link!

Features adjustable sizes for desktop, tablet and phone and image position settings like “Follow Mouse XY”, “Stick to Link”, “Follow Mouse X”, “Fixed and Centered” and more.

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Fullscreen Slider

With “Fullscreen Slider” your layout’s rows become browser-filling slides. Supports either horizontal or vertical sliding. With vertical sliding you can scroll, with horizontal sliding you need to click to navigate.

This addon was formerly known as “Magnetic Slides”.

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Zoom images by clicking on them. Swipe, drag or click in the zoomed-mode to navigate through images. Can show captions.

Touch-friendly on tablets. The Lightbox is disabled for the phone layout.

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