Lay Theme Fullscreen Slider Addon

Standard vertical fullscreen slider with circles as navigation.

Direction horizontal and “Slide on Page Click” activated. Fullscreen images with “Use Browser Height for Row Height” and row background images.


With “Fullscreen Slider” your layout’s rows become browser-filling slides. Supports either horizontal or vertical sliding. With vertical sliding you can scroll, with horizontal sliding you need to click to navigate.

You can have browser filling images if you use a row background image and set the row to be “browser height”.

This addon was formerly known as “Magnetic Slides”.

How to Install

Download the zip file after your purchase, then follow these steps:

  • Log in to your WordPress admin area at “”
  • Go to “Plugins” → “Add New”
  • At the top click “Upload Plugin”
  • Upload the .zip file and click on “Install Now”
  • Afterwards click “Activate Plugin”

Fullscreen Slider Options

After you installed the Addon, find the Fullscreen Slider options in “Lay Options” → “Fullscreen Slider”.
These are the available options:

  • Activate or deactivate Fullscreen Slider for all Projects, Pages, Categories
  • Show a checkbox in the edit screens of Projects, Pages or Categories to activate Fullscreen Slider individually
  • Direction (horizontal or vertical)
  • Enable/disable “Slide on Page Click” (mouse cursor will be an arrow indicating the slide direction)
  • If “Slide on Page Click” is enabled you can set custom mouse cursors
  • Enable/disable auto scrolling (If it is disabled, the scroll will be an unrestricted “free scroll”.)
  • Set auto scrolling animation speed
  • Show/hide scroll bar
  • Continuous vertical (Scrolling down in the last section scrolls down to the first section. And scrolling up in the first section scrolls up to the last one.)
  • Continuous horizontal
  • Show navigation (Show a navigation bar made up of small circles.)
  • Navigation position
  • Navigation space around (Space between navigation and browser edge.)
  • Navigation space around in px or %
  • Navigation space between circles in px
  • Give images and videos a max-width and max-height and center them (Only works for rows that contain only one image or one video.)
  • Max-width and max-height of images and videos
  • Always disable for phone
Part of the Fullscreen Slider Addon Options
(plus ≈19% VAT for EU-based customers)

Questions & Answers

Can I use this addon for multiple Lay Theme websites?

Yes, purchase it once and use it on as many Lay Theme websites as you like.

Does this addon work on any website?

No, Lay Theme Addons only work with Lay Theme websites.

Is this addon compatible with other Lay Theme addons?

Yes, all Lay Theme addons are intercompatible.

Can I have different settings for each page?

No, all of the options listed in “Fullscreen Slider Options“ are applied to all pages that Fullscreen Slider is active on.

Do you offer refunds?

This depends on the reason given. If you’d like a refund please write an email to