Step 1: Get Webspace

Please don’t get WordPress hosting from This is not compatible with Lay Theme.

If you don’t have webspace already, let me recommend these hosts.
Their cheapest offers will do and they all come with a free domain name. What’s most important, they have 1-click installers for WordPress which will make the installation really easy. Disclosure: I get paid if you get webspace through one of these links.

  • Green Geeks is eco-friendly, has unlimited web space and a well designed control panel. You can get a free domain like .com, .eu, .net, .biz. The "Lite" Web-Hosting package is enough.
  • is the cheapest host of the three. The plan “Basic” is enough. It comes with 50GB SSD Webspace and a free domain.
  • You would need “Shared Website Hosting” → “Shared Starter”. You get unlimited webspace and a free .com domain. I like their control panel because it’s really clean and well structured. and my own website run on dreamhost.

Step 2: Install WordPress

Install WordPress in your webhost control panel with their 1-click WordPress installer.

If your webhost doesn’t support 1-click WordPress installation, you have to install WordPress manually. Download WordPress at Then follow the official installation guide.

Step 3: Install Lay Theme and Addons

Purchase Lay Theme. Find an email by gumroad. Inside there is a button to create your invoice.
Download the .zip file and unzip it. You will get which is the theme and other addon zip files like

Log in to your WordPress at “”.

  • Go to “Appearance” → “Themes”
  • At the top click on “Add New”
  • Then at the top click on “Upload Theme”
  • Choose the “” file and click “Install Now”
  • Afterwards click “Activate”

You can now enter your license key in “Lay Options”→“License Key”.

If you have not received a license key after purchase please take a look at your spam folder or wait 5 minutes. If you cannot find the key, write an email to In that email let us know what email address you used for the purchase so we can find your key.

Please note it may take 1-2 days for us to send the key if you haven't received it. However, you can already start working with Lay Theme. Activating your key will just enable getting Lay Theme updates.

Now install the Addons you want to use:

  • Go to “Plugins” → “Add New”
  • At the top click “Upload Plugin”
  • Upload your Addon .zip file and click on “Install Now”
  • Afterwards click “Activate Plugin”

Repeat these steps to install more Addons.

If everything worked, please watch the Getting Started Video. Also visit Documentation to learn more. If you get error messages, please visit Documentation → Troubleshooting.