Moving a Lay Theme website

If you stay on the same server but you just change your domain name for example from: to Then you can make your domain point to the FTP folder where your website is on your server. Then you only need to use the "search and replace" plugin afterwards.

This will update all mentions of the old URL to the new one in your database.

If you are actually moving your website from one server to another follow this tutorial:

Deactivate your license key before moving your website in "Lay Options" → "License Key". This way you can use your key on the new domain.

If you forgot to disable your key send an email containing your key to and ask for a reset.

The plugin "Backup Migration" seems very easy to use. It is free if your site is 2GB or smaller.

In case your site is bigger, just use the Duplicator Plugin. It is kind of easy and it is free and fast. Please read the instructions on their website to see how it works.

You can also use the plugin "Migrator". It is easier to use than Duplicator but costs 30$. You could also use any of the free Migrator Plugins. I haven't tried most of them but they should work too.

You can also move your website by yourself without using a Plugin:

First, do a backup of your files and database. You can use any backup plugin or read through how to do a manual backup here.

Watch this video to see how to move your website manually:

I imported my database and my “Customize” settings are lost

Your Customize settings and more can be lost when you import your database to another server. The reason for that is most likely that I use emoticons as an option for "Customize" → "Project Arrows" for "Arrow Type" → "Icon".

Please open the database that you exported with "Migrate DB" with your favourite texteditor. You might need to unzip it before.

Search for the word "theme_mods_lay". You should find a textline that looks something like this: (128, 'theme_mods_lay', …

This line of text contains all Customize settings. Search for the word "pa_icon" and find some text that looks like: "pa_icon";s:4:"🔵";.

Replace this with "pa_icon";s:0:""; and save your file. Now when you re-import your database your Customize settings should be intact.

I imported my database and some images don’t show up

First make sure your folder "wp-content" → "uploads" contains your images.

Some images might not show up because of image-filenames that contain special signs like ö, ü, é or spaces.

In this case one solution can be to install the WordPress Plugin Regenerate Thumbnails and use it to regenerate all images.

If that doesn’t work you need to re-upload the images and re-insert the images that are not shown.

Using multiple domain names for the same Lay Theme website

Your website is reachable at "" and you want to use an additional domain name like "". Then you should use a type of redirection where you will see the targetdomain "" in your browser's address bar when you enter "". Otherwise the content of your website won't be loaded cause JavaScript is not allowed to fetch data from another domain.