Project Descriptions for Project Thumbnails

With Project Descriptions for Project Thumbnails you can add a description text to your project thumbnail. Activate Project Descriptions for Project Thumbnails in "Lay Options" → "Activate project descriptions for thumbnails".

When you edit a project, at the top a new texteditor will appear "Project Description for Thumbnail".

Enter a Text here and use a Textformat to style it:

Now when you add this Project's Thumbnail in the Gridder using the "+Project Thumbnail" button, your Project Description along with the Project Title and Thumbnail is displayed:

The project description appears underneath the project thumbnail

In "Customize" → "Project Thumbnails" → "Project Description" you can customize the appearance of your project description. You can for example set its position to "on image" to have it on top of your thumbnail instead of underneath.

If you want your project description on the same text-line as your project title, you need to hide project titles in "Customize". Then add the text of your project title to your project description. (Hide your project title by setting "Visibility" to "hide" in "Customize" → "Project Thumbnails" → "Project Title".)