Speeding up your website

Here is a list of what you can do to make your website faster.

  • Use HTML5 Videos instead of gifs
  • Use jpg's instead of png's
  • Use a WordPress caching plugin. Every time after updating Lay Theme and its Addons make sure to delete the cache in your cache plugins settings. Otherwise your website might not work as expected.
  • Make sure "Lay Options" → "Lazy Loading" is activated
  • Disable any plugins you don't use, including Lay Theme Addons you don't use
  • Try and see if you can use a CDN in your webhost control panel
  • If not, create a free account on cloudflare.com and follow the instructions there to activate cloudflare for your website.
  • Ask your webhost why your site might be loading slowly, maybe your server is slow. Maybe you can upgrade your webhosting package to a faster one.
  • Make sure the option "Lay Options" → "Disable Ajax / Compatibility Mode" is disabled. This can at least speed up subsequent pageloads when you click on links on your website. It does not speed up the initial website-page load.
  • Use HTML5 video files that are smaller in file-size. Handbrake is a desktop app that I recommend for compressing videos.
  • If you use HTML5 videos on desktop and use the same videos for phone, they might be too big for phone. In this case you could create a Custom Phone Layout and insert HTML 5 videos with smaller file size. Or you could just use YouTube or Vimeo Videos.